The Polis Method: Towards an Integrative and Dynamic Language Teaching Method

Cortes, Robert Z.
Rico, Christophe
Abstract of Article: 

This article describes a method for teaching ancient and modern languages, the Polis Method, which was developed in recent years at the Polis Institute in Jerusalem. The method follows two main theoretical principles: Full Immersion (teaching classes entirely in the target language) and Dynamic Language Development (using the order in which the learner internalizes various features of the target language respecting the inner structure and dynamics of the language). Following these principles, the Polis Method has adopted some techniques developed in the field of Second Language Acquisition since the 1970s (TPR, TPRS, Story Building, etc.) As well, instructors at the Polis Institute are currently developing a new technique called Living Sequential Expression (LSE) inspired by the work of Fran├žois Gouin (1831-1896). These practical techniques are meant to develop the language skills of grammar, vocabulary, conversation, storytelling, speech, reading and writing in holistic fashion.